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Our services

COMESAD Group offers a wide range of services in the field of oil industry, civil and industrial construction, road systematization, electrical installations and automation.

 Execution of main pipelines for the transport of liquid petroleum products;

 Execution of steel piping systems for natural gas supply;

 Execution of polypropylene pipes for natural gas distribution;

 Execution of water supply pipes;

 Execution of gas compressor stations.

 ●  ●  ●

 Overhead and underground power lines;

 Power transformation stations;

 Indoor electrical installations;

Electrical connections;

 High voltage installation;

 Tower light installation;

 Cathodic protection;

 Automation projects.

 ●  ●  ●

 Cement concrete, asphalt concrete and macadam roads;

 Flagged and paved concrete platforms;

 Asphalting works with sidewalks and curbs;

 Agricultural circuit rendering and soil consolidations;

 Bridges and works of art;

Finished projects


 Pipelines for transporting petroleum products (crude oil, salt water, gas and mixture);

 Installation, assembly, general equipment repairs: - compressors, pumps, injection skids, pumping units, manifolds;

 Trestles and casiuri;

 Statii compresoare;

 Gas tank farms.

 ●  ●  ●


Overhead and underground power lines;

 Pump unit high voltage installation;

 Tower light installation;

 Cathodic protection installation with Fe-Si anodes and Zn anodes;

 Overhead power transformation stations 20/0,5 kv ( PTA 20/0,5 kv )and ground power transformation station 20/0,5 kv;

 Electrical installation inside and outside compressor station, gas drying station, PECO stations;

 Installation and commissioning of MCD (measuring and control devices);

 Installation of instrumentation equipment;

 Process control by parameter control (recording and transmission of process parameters).

 ●  ●  ●


Infrastructure: cement concrete, asphalt concrete and macadam roads;

 Poduri – cu grinzi prefabricate, cu grinzi metalice, tubosaidere, traversari prin vad;

 Drilling rig - chiseled platforms for oil installations;

 Foundations for drilling rigs, machinery and equipment;

 Returns in the agricultural circuit;

 Field consolidation;

 Shore consolidation;

 Works of art: concrete gables, retaining walls, drains, road gutters, tubular bridges, collecting basins, etc .;

 Production of DT2 tiles, UP, curbs;

 Production and commissioning of asphalt and concrete mixtures;

 Construction tests and determinations;

 Plate Bearing Tester.