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     SC COMESAD Pitesti was founded in 1993 having as a main field of activity constructions and mounting in the Petroleum and Civil Engineering Industry. In time, wanting to adapt to the permanent changes and requests on the Romanian market, especially in the constructions field, COMESAD enlarged the domain of its activity, developing brand new activities. The most important moments of this development are mentioned as follows:


 1993 - SC COMESAD RO SA, specialized in carrying out the next types of works:

Liquid oil products transport pipes;
Steel and polyethylene gas transport pipes;
Water supply pipes;
Compressors stations;
Gas tank farms;

  2000 - SC COMESAD DRUMURI SRL, specialized in carrying out the following types of works:

-  Cement concrete, asphalt concrete and macadam roads;
-  Flagged and paved platforms;
-  Agricultural circuit rendering and soil consolidations;
-  Bridges and works of art.

 2002 - SC COMESAD PLAST SRL, plastics and injection plastics producer.


 2007 - SC COMESAD ENERGO SRL, having as object of activity energetic and electric installation works.

    The strategy of development of COMESAD Group Pitesti is based on quality, integrity, responsibility, performance, efficiency in order to add more value to its products and services and, in this way, satisfying the client and winning his trust and confidence.