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Comesad Grup. Branching in three fields of activity and an age of over 25 years.
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About us
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SC Comesad Ro SA

In 1993, the first company within Comesad was founded. The principles and the experience gained, shape even today the fundamental values of the group.

SC Comesad Drumuri SRL

After 7 years, although the market economy is still facing problems, Comesad is expanding and thus, in the year 2000, Comesad Drumuri is established.

SC Comesad Energo SRL

By setting up the company Comesad Energo, we respond to the demand for the need for professionalism and seriousness in the field of electrical installation works.

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Who we are...

Founded in 1993 with fully private capital, COMESAD Pitesti started in the construction - assembly activity in the field of oil industry. Over time, wanting to adapt to changes and requirements on the Romanian market, especially in the field of construction, COMESAD has expanded its field of activity, developing new activities.

Our vision...

The development strategy of the COMESAD Pitesti group is based on the following principles: quality, integrity, responsibility, performance. To these we add the long experience accumulated in the dozens of executed projects and the professionalism of the team, in order to add value to our products and services in order to satisfy the client's requirements.

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